Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's a new year

I can't have a blog without posting SOMETHING at least once a year. So here's my post. :-)

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Sunday, January 17, 2010

What I've Learned in the Past Year

Life changes too fast. It's impossible to keep up.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I miss the days when there was only ONE resolution I didn't plan to keep.

Many of you know this about me, but I am huge fan of The Office. I tend to quote the show at least 10 times a day. Nope, I'm not exaggerating. Yes, I guess that makes me some kind of weirdo. Whatever. The title of this blog comes from an episode of The Office when 2 competing party planning committees (the Party Planning Committee vs. the Committee to Plan Parties) were throwing rival Christmas parties at the same time. When the camera crew was getting the opinions of the office workers, one of them (Ryan) said "I miss the days when there was only one party I didn't wanna go to."

The above paragraph has nothing to do with my point, I just wanted a reason to reference The Office once again. :-)

Anyway. Here's my point. New Year, New Goals, New Opportunities for Failure. Doesn't the year already feel ripe with the possibility of disappointing yourself once again? Heck, it's been my experience year after year.... set a goal.... miss it by a LONG SHOT... end the year disappointed in myself... repeat annually as necessary.

I'd love to feel a sense of hope and promise and (whatever) for 2009, but judging by the utter HORROR that was my 2008, I just don't know where this hope and promise is supposed to come from. So, anyway, I've come to the realization that I am done setting resolutions at the beginning of the year. None of them have ever come to fruition and I doubt that would suddenly change.

What I AM going to do, however, is create a list of demands. Yes that's right. Demands. If my demands are not met by the end of this year, you'll see a brand new Kim(bobulous) come 2010. So, who am I making these demands of? You guessed it. Myself. Why just make a resolution when you can bully yourself into doing something? I think I respond better to aggressive tactics anyway.

Without further ado, I present Kim's Ultimate List of Demands for 2009:
  1. I DEMAND that I lose a significant amount of weight by the end of this year. Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. If I can't manage to stick to one measly nutrition & exercise plan, what kind of loser am I?!
  2. I DEMAND that I stop being jealous of all my friends & acquaintances who "appear" to have everything all figured out. They didn't come up with the "grass is greener" expression for no reason. NO ONE has everything all figured out. So I need to STOP worrying about everyone else, and just worry about myself.
  3. I DEMAND that I stop being afraid to speak my mind. Oh I've got all kinds of guts when it comes to emailing, texting, IMing, etc. But face to face I'm a total wimp most of the time -- and that needs to stop. No more fear in 2009!!!!!!
  4. I DEMAND that I start attending church again. Yes, this one is tough for me, I'll admit that. Some of you may know why, some of you may not give a crap. Suffice it to say I've been in & out of some really messed up churches and my little battered & worn spirit has resulted to putting up quite a fuss whenever someone tries to get near it. This needs to stop, and I need to re-open my heart to receive spiritual nourishment.
  5. I DEMAND that I begin to really appreciate all the great things I do have, instead of focusing on everything I don't have. This is another tough one because as humans we tend to want what we can't (or don't) have. All I can say is enough is enough! I've got some really great people in my life. Friends & family. Sorors & coworkers. And of course, Mickey & his fun-loving pals.
  6. I DEMAND that I have more fun, travel more, go out more, meet more people, and make a difference in someone's life in 2009. (Yes.... that's a big one.)
So, there you have it. My demands for 2009. Now that I have them written, I can focus on meeting them one by one (in no particular order).

And, I'm done sharing. Good night.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Because that's what this dumb blog is for.

You know, I found myself going on and on to people today about Twilight (the movie) and realizing that no one cares nearly as much for my opinion as I do. But then I was sitting here Facebooking and realized I can BLOG about my opinions, and you people can read it or NOT read it, it's all the same to me!

So here is what I think about Twilight.

First off, I will admit that I didn't love it. However, after reading the reviews I read before seeing it, I did like it more than I thought I would. My main issue with the film was -- honestly -- Bella. I thought Kristen Stewart really could have gone a LOT more emotional with Bella and done a better job of convincing the audience that Bella really was in love with Edward. Most of the time she seemed like she was trying to keep her feelings to herself, and even when she was confessing her love for Edward, it didn't feel sincere. It just felt... uncomfortable.

Edward, on the other hand, has more wiggle-room because he's not human and he doesn't have human emotions. I think the movie could have done a better job of conveying his side of the story to the audience; at times the only reason I could accept some of his scenes was because I'd read the book and I knew what he was thinking at the time. I know the story is told from Bella's point of view but seriously, there were a TON of moments in the book where Edward shared his thoughts and feelings and opinions with Bella, and none of those things were really touched in the film. The audience was forced to figure out what they thought he might be thinking at certain points, and I didn't like that.

Some of my favorite things about the movie -- and I think Lynne will agree with this -- were the PRICELESS facial expressions. Namely Jasper. Now, I've always loved Jasper, even in the books. But to see him portrayed on screen in such a hilarious yet PERFECT manner, was just... there are no words. When Bella meets him for the first time, and he's got this look on his face like he just might have to go to the bathroom but maybe he's just trying not to laugh, while he's choking out "It's nice to meet you" so as not to inhale Bella's scent... WOW. Priceless. Seriously. I about died laughing... and you know, I think that scene was meant to be funny. If it wasn't, oh well. Doesn't matter, cause it was.

Also, I LOVED Alice. I think she was also portrayed perfectly. I think they should do a movie about Alice and Jasper. Actually the rest of the vamps had such small parts that I didn't really get a chance to know them in the movie, whereas in the book I felt something for each and every one of them by the end. Another part of the movie I think they could have focused on.

All in all, I'd give Twilight a B- and I think that's more than fair. I think this was a good practice run and if they had a chance for a do-over, it would be DAWESOME. I also think what they will learn and have learned from this film will greatly increase the quality of the second one, New Moon which they had better be in the studio working on right now. Oh, what? I didn't love Twilight but I still want more? Damn right. There's not enough mediocrity in the world to break my obsession with the Edward/Bella saga. Keep 'em comin Summit Entertainment, and next time BLOW ME AWAY!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Which country should I move to?

I have never paid much attention to the "Which city should you live in?" quizzes I've seen on Myspace and Facebook... but lately, I'm thinking it might be time for a change soon. Especially considering the upcoming election. If things don't start changing FOR THE BETTER in this country, I'm out. Ideally, that is. I've toyed with a few options and so far I've narrowed it down to the following:
  • Move to Canada
  • Teach English to Japanese students for a year (in Japan)
  • Move to the UK, somewhere near London
  • Save up some money, get rid of some debt, quit my job in 6 months or so and spend a year traveling (although I don't see how I could afford something like that)
Of these options, the Japan one and the UK one seem most likely. Although I don't know if I'd like living in the UK permanently... might need to at least pay a visit before settling on that one.

Any other ideas?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunshine, my baby.

I have no children and have no intention of changing that any time soon. Meanwhile, I've planted a seed (a mini sunflower, as I've mentioned previously) and have been obsessing over it since the first green seedling sprouted up. Here are some of the latest photos.